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Never Give Up

Never Give up No matter what is going on Never give up Develop the heart Too much energy in your country Is spent on developing the mind instead of the heart Develop the heart Be compassionate Not just to your friends But with everyone Be compassionate Work for peace in your heart And in the […]

The ‘New’ Water Bottle – Hip & Hot

I love hot water bottles for warming the muscles and encouraging good circulation, especially the german ones made of odorless thermoplastic.  They are so helpful for healing imbalances that are worse with cold weather, particularly during the winter months.  Who knew that you can now buy a hot water bottle with a protective and cozy […]

Breathing Steam with herbs

To prevent infection (such as cold or flu) from manifesting in the lungs and throat it could be helpful to do a breathing steam. Breathing Steam with Fresh Herbs: Add 1 handful of Fresh or dried Mint or Eucalyptus Leaves to 2 cups of water and bring to a boil.  Cook 5 minutes.  Place the […]

Cleanse with Clay!

Certain types of clay from the earth have an astringent, pulling nature.  This cleaning ability is activated when wet clay goes through its drying process.  When used externally on the body, this means that clay can be used to draw out toxins or other foreign particles from the epidermis.   The external use of clay is […]

Tips for Soaks & Compresses

DIRECTIONS FOR USING ‘SPRINGWIND’ HERBAL SOAKS & COMPRESSES As Steam Soak: Place herb pack in 4 cups water & bring to a boil.  Lower heat & simmer for 25 mins.  Immediately place herb pack in appropriate basin & hold affected limb over the steaming liquid, drape towel over the limb to keep in steam.  When […]

Tibetan Eye Exercises

Tibetan Eye Chart The design of this Eye Chart was created by Tibetan Monks to exercise the eye muscles. The Tibetans have used natural eyesight improvement for centuries. If used for a few minutes, twice per day, your eyes should improve greatly over a few months. Normal eyes shift rapidly and continuously. Eyes with defective […]

Soothing Eye Compress

Certain herbs can be used to make a soothing eye compress.  Which herbs are best for you depends on the condition.  Some herbs are used to tighten the skin around the eyes, reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles.  Other herbs can be effective for pink eye or conjunctivitis. As with all things medicinal, it is […]

Skin Healer – Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe is cooling, moistening and astringent.  The clear gel is used for moistening and regenerating the skin.  It has been used externally for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, 1st degree burns such as sunburns and many other dermatological conditions.  It is excellent for sunburns, and is best when applied soon after receiving […]

Herbal Steams: healing skin, lungs & nose

Herbal Steams are often used for cleaning and healing the skin, lungs and nose.  Which herbs should be used for the steam will be determined based on the case.  Some cases are helped by steaming 2-3 times per day. 1)  Soak herbs in 3 cups of water for 10 – 20 minutes in a large […]

Natural Remedies for Bee Stings

Some people have very serious reactions to stings and need to be taken to the hospital right away.  However, most people do well with these home herbal treatments. Sometimes a sting needs to be tended to several times a day for even up to two days. This means the herbal remedy may need to be […]