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Remedies for Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can occur when one consumes spoiled food containing microbes that the belly is not used to.  There are various remedies for food poisoning depending on the pathogenic cause.  Some safe food-based remedies are listed below: Umeboshi Plum (called ‘Ume’ in Japanese, & ‘Wu Mei’ in Mandarin) has antibiotic effects against various bacteria including […]

Longevity food – Goji berries

These lovely red berries are also called wolfberries or ‘Gou Qi Zi’. Botanical name:  Lycium barbarum Goji berries, with their sweet taste, enter and work in a moistening and strengthening way upon the channels of the kidney and liver.  The energetic temperature of these berries is neutral, which means that they can easily be used […]

The ‘New’ Water Bottle – Hip & Hot

I love hot water bottles for warming the muscles and encouraging good circulation, especially the german ones made of odorless thermoplastic.  They are so helpful for healing imbalances that are worse with cold weather, particularly during the winter months.  Who knew that you can now buy a hot water bottle with a protective and cozy […]

Acupuncture and Herbs Treat a Wide Range of Symptoms

Acupuncture and herbs can help reduce the symptoms of many imbalances and illnesses by addressing the underlying causes.  Both acupuncture and botanical medicine can work in conjunction with western forms of treatment to help you stay in good health.  Here’s a review of some of the most common conditions we treat in Lafayette, CA: Allergies: […]

The Tea Leaf – everyday medicine

Many types of tea are made from the leaves of the camellia shrub with the botanical name of Camellia sinensis. The different types are due to the different ways of processing, fermentation and oxidation of the leaves.   Camellia teas include black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu’er, and white tea. Overall Health Benefits of Tea […]

Asian Grocery Store: Unlock the mysteries

There are many exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs that have tremendous healing benefits.  By getting to know them, you can increase the ways that you take care of your health.   I’ll use this list when working on blogposts, and write a little about each one in its own post, so that you can get […]

St. Johns Wort treats depression

St. John’s Wort extract is effective as an anti-depressant in the management of mood disorders.  Because the herb has an important side effect of increased photosensitivity, it may be best to consider St. John’s Wort as a winter time remedy.  Although internal use of St. John’s Wort increases one’s sensitivity to the sun, when applied […]

Breathing Steam with herbs

To prevent infection (such as cold or flu) from manifesting in the lungs and throat it could be helpful to do a breathing steam. Breathing Steam with Fresh Herbs: Add 1 handful of Fresh or dried Mint or Eucalyptus Leaves to 2 cups of water and bring to a boil.  Cook 5 minutes.  Place the […]

Hawthorn Berry Health

Properties of Hawthorn Berries Cardio-tonic (strengthens the heart muscle) Diuretic (promotes urination) Astringent (solidifies loose stool) Hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) Physical Effects Heart and cardiovascular tonic Relaxes and dilates blood vessels Lowers blood pressure Improves general circulation and blood flow Strengthens damaged or weak heart muscles (increasing the heart’s efficiency) Exerts a scrubbing action on […]

Walnut & Hawthorn Berry Dessert

50 grams Hawthorn fruit (Shān Zhā) 150 grams Walnuts (Hu Táo Rén) sufficient water for soaking and boiling 6 TBS honey or ¼ cup sugar Soak the walnuts overnight or at least ½ hour.  Rinse well and moisten with new water.  Grind this walnut and water mixture into a thick liquid.  Add more water to […]