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Hawthorn Berry Health

Properties of Hawthorn Berries Cardio-tonic (strengthens the heart muscle) Diuretic (promotes urination) Astringent (solidifies loose stool) Hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) Physical Effects Heart and cardiovascular tonic Relaxes and dilates blood vessels Lowers blood pressure Improves general circulation and blood flow Strengthens damaged or weak heart muscles (increasing the heart’s efficiency) Exerts a scrubbing action on […]

Smooth your mood with Mimosa Flower Tea

Mimosa Tree Flower Tea ‘He Huan Hua Cha’ 6 grams Mimosa Flower ‘He Huan Hua’ (Albizzia julibrissinis) honey (to taste) Place mimosa flower in a cup and soak in boiling water.   Strain.  Add honey to taste and drink when cool. Functions: Nourish heart and fortifies the spleen Resolves depression and moves liver qi Clears the […]

Herbal Medicine Tinctures – removing the alcohol

Many herbal tinctures are made using alcohol as a base.  The alcohol is used to extract and preserve the medicinal properties of herbs, but does not have to be consumed with the medicine.  If you would like to prepare an alcohol-free version of the tincture for children or patients who cannot tolerate alcohol, follow these […]

Guide for homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy – Your Remedy Will Work Best if You: Keep bottle out of direct sunlight, as this can antidote the remedy. Don’t touch the remedy with your hands ­– pour it into the cap or a paper cup. Don’t eat or drink for 10 minutes before and after taking the remedy (this includes gum and […]