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Breastmilk Replacement Formula

Formula with Goat Milk Base Recipe: 1 quart goat’s milk (organic if possible) 200 micrograms folic acid (drops) ¼ tsp flax seed oil 1 drop vitamin E (mycellized) 1 drop beta carotene 1 tsp bifidus factor (lacto-bifidus) 1-2 milligrams B complex (if you can’t get drops, dissolve a 50 mg tablet in a 1 ounce […]

Longevity food – Goji berries

These lovely red berries are also called wolfberries or ‘Gou Qi Zi’. Botanical name:  Lycium barbarum Goji berries, with their sweet taste, enter and work in a moistening and strengthening way upon the channels of the kidney and liver.  The energetic temperature of these berries is neutral, which means that they can easily be used […]

Facial Acupuncture

Inner health equals outer beauty. At In Good Health in Lafayette, CA, we’ve been giving beauty rejuvenation treatments since 2000 and are certified in advanced constitutional facial acupuncture. For thousands of years, Asian medicine has been used for longevity and the maintenance of the skin. Acupuncture and herbal therapies can boost both health and beauty. They […]

Foods to Promote Breast Milk & Nursing

Here is a general list of foods that are traditionally used to promote breast milk.  Many of these are energetically warming and may not be appropriate for all individuals.  Please inquire about which ones would be best for you. Fennel Fish Millet Egg Beef Dates Chicken Oxtail Soup Pig’s Feet Soup w/ star anise Chinese […]

Foods & Herbs to use with caution in pregnancy

The following foods & herbs should be avoided or used with care during the first 38 weeks of pregnancy, as many can be too stimulating for the uterus. However some of the following can be okay for certain individuals during pregnancy.  Talk with your practitioner about any specifics regarding your case. Saffron Rhubarb Tumeric Basil […]

Medicinal Use of Placenta

PLACENTA (Zǐ Hé Chē) Before using the powerful and warming medicine of placenta, it is important to have your tongue and pulse checked to make sure it is appropriate for you.   The placenta can be freeze-dried or tinctured and saved for later use, such as menopause. Benefits: Powerfully augments qi and nourishes blood Increases lactation: […]

Stop lactation herb to promote weaning

30-60 grams dried sprouted barley (Germinatus hordei).   Also called  ‘Chao Mai Ya’. 2 cups cold water Directions: Stir-fry dried barley sprouts in a dry, hot wok for 2-3 minutes, constantly moving around the sprouts with a wooden spoon so they do not burn.  While this step is important, it can be done well ahead of […]

Herbal Chicken Broth for Pregnancy

Function: to strengthen energy of mother, help uterus to hold the baby, reduce premature labor 1 black chicken (Wu Ji Bai Feng) or regular chicken 3 slices ginger 20-30 grams ‘Huang Qi’ Astragalus (to tonify energy and prevent sinking) 1-2 cups root vegetables (carrots, celery, potato, parsnips, etc) Enough water to cover ingredients by 1 […]