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Longevity food – Goji berries

These lovely red berries are also called wolfberries or ‘Gou Qi Zi’. Botanical name:  Lycium barbarum Goji berries, with their sweet taste, enter and work in a moistening and strengthening way upon the channels of the kidney and liver.  The energetic temperature of these berries is neutral, which means that they can easily be used […]

Hawthorn Berry Health

Properties of Hawthorn Berries Cardio-tonic (strengthens the heart muscle) Diuretic (promotes urination) Astringent (solidifies loose stool) Hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) Physical Effects Heart and cardiovascular tonic Relaxes and dilates blood vessels Lowers blood pressure Improves general circulation and blood flow Strengthens damaged or weak heart muscles (increasing the heart’s efficiency) Exerts a scrubbing action on […]

Laptops & male fertility

Laptop computer use does effect fertility for men, particularly when they are placed on the lap for long periods of time.  Here are some details of a study about increased body temperature from the warmth of the computer: laptop fertility research. Having a computer near the torso (organs and glands) for long periods of time, […]

Lotus seeds

Lotus seeds ‘Lian Zi’ strengthen the digestive system and the kidneys. The seeds are also used for strengthening certain types of heart deficiency.  White lotus seeds (peeled before drying) are better quality than the red lotus seeds (unpeeled product). Soak overnight and cook with soups and warm cereals, or mix with rice.  Lotus seeds are […]