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Gentle Detox with Braised Burdock, Mushroom and Seaweed

Burdock Root is called ‘Gobo’ in Japanese and is often sold under this name. It’s cooked in a similar way to a carrot and looks a little like one too (except it’s brown on the outside and white on the inside). The taste of burdock is pleasant and a little earthy. In many parts of Asia, burdock is a normal everyday root vegetable that is seen as being very good for the health, especially for the liver and the skin.

whole burdock

Breastmilk Replacement Formula

Formula with Goat Milk Base
1 quart goat’s milk (organic if possible)
200 micrograms folic acid (drops)
¼ tsp flax seed oil
1 drop vitamin E (mycellized)
1 drop beta carotene
1 tsp bifidus factor (lacto-bifidus)
1-2 milligrams B complex (if you can’t get drops, dissolve a 50 mg tablet in a 1 ounce dropper bottle and use 1 dropperful each [...]

Facial Acupuncture

Health equals beauty.  For thousands of years, Asian medicine has been used for longevity and the maintenance of the skin. Acupuncture and herbal therapies can boost both health and beauty. They increase circulation in the body and facial tissues. Herbal skin formulas go into organic herbal masks, poultices, and moisturizers. Cooling jade rollers massage the [...]

Acupuncture and Herbs Treat a Wide Range of Symptoms

Acupuncture and herbs can help reduce the symptoms of many imbalances and illnesses by addressing the underlying causes.  Both acupuncture and botanical medicine can work in conjunction with western forms of treatment to help you stay in good health.  Here’s a review of some of the most common conditions we treat in Lafayette, CA:
Acupuncture and [...]

St. Johns Wort treats depression

St. John’s Wort extract is effective as an anti-depressant in the management of mood disorders.  Because the herb has an important side effect of increased photosensitivity, it may be best to consider St. John’s Wort as a winter time remedy.  Although internal use of St. John’s Wort increases one’s sensitivity to the [...]

Hawthorn Berry Health

Properties of Hawthorn Berries

Cardio-tonic (strengthens the heart muscle)
Diuretic (promotes urination)
Astringent (solidifies loose stool)
Hypotensive (lowers blood pressure)
Physical Effects
Heart and cardiovascular tonic
Relaxes and dilates blood vessels
Lowers blood pressure
Improves general circulation and blood flow
Strengthens damaged or weak heart muscles (increasing the heart’s efficiency)
Exerts a scrubbing action on plaque inside the blood vessels.
Click here for research on using [...]

Laptops & male fertility

Laptop computer use does effect fertility for men, particularly when they are place on the lap for long periods of time.  Click here for some details of a study about increased body temperature from the warmth of the computer:
laptop fertility research.
Having a computer near the torso (organs and glands) for long periods of time, has [...]

Walnut & Hawthorn Berry Dessert

50 grams Hawthorn fruit ‘Shan Zha’
150 grams Walnuts ‘Hu Tao Ren’
sufficient water for soaking and boiling
6 TBS honey or ¼ cup sugar
Soak the walnuts overnight or at least ½ hour.  Rinse well and moisten with new water.  Grind this walnut and water mixture into a thick liquid.  Add more water to dilute if necessary to [...]

Summer time cure: mung beans

Mung beans bring healing to the body especially in the spring and summer time, when temperatures are hotter.  The sprouts can help to detoxify the body, clear internal heat, and quench thirst.  Here’s a tasty recipe from my friend Linda:
Korean Mung Bean Sprout Salad (Sukju namul)
Water — 4 cups (enough to immerse sprouts)
Salt — 1 [...]

Kudzu – a nourishing & healing root starch

Kudzu root, the invasive plant of the south, really does have some great value.  In fact, its unusual ability to grow several feet in one day is testament to its strength and ability to replenish the body’s resources.  This healing, fibrous root can be used as a cooling, regenerative medicine and is common in many [...]