Lana Farson, M.S., L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Nourishing Oils for the Hair


The hair needs moisture and oil in order to stay soft, healthy and prevent falling.  Men, women and children can all benefit from smoothing a little oil through their hair occasionally or on a regular basis.  Adding natural oils for the hair will bring hydration and reduce breakage and loss.  It’s really wonderful for dry hair that is prone to be frizzy and have split ends. Oils contain nutrients that can rapidly be absorbed by the hair to aid repair.  In order to prevent the hair from looking greasy, you just need a touch.

My favorite is coconut oil.  It’s fine to simply buy a jar of cooking-grade coconut oil from the grocery store (tends to be sold in 12-16oz jars).  I recommend spooning out an ounce or two into a small jar with a tight lid.  That way you can dip your fingers in as needed and not spoil the entire jar, and the rest of the coconut oil can be used for cooking which is lovely too.  Coconut oil is left out at room temperature.  When the room is colder, the oil solidifies in the jar.  When the room is hot, the oil becomes liquid (that’s when you’ll be glad that the jar has a tight fitting lid!)  Even still, I put my jar of coconut oil in a ziplock bag if I’m taking it with me to the park or wherever I might think I’ll be in the hot and drying sun.  I enjoy rubbing a little of the oil at the ends of the hair and onto my feet, hands and nails.

My second favorite oil for the hair is almond oil, which I buy at a local health food store once I have checked its scent to make sure that it has not gone rancid.  It’s a little thinner in consistency than coconut oil and can be nice to use during the day when the hair feel too light or frizzy.

Deep oil conditioning

For a deep conditioning, comb through plenty of hair oil with your hands before bed.  Long hair can then be braided to keep the oils in place so they can soak deeper into the hair and not your pillow case.  Shampoo out two times in the morning and voilà.

Adding fragrant essential oils

You can add several drops of essential oil to your jar or pot of oil.  Lavender oil, basil oil, rosemary oil are all great choices and can be mixed together.  Or, add some drops of any other essential oil that suits you.  Lately I’ve been using a coconut hair oil that already has various ayurvedic herbs added, such as the famous amalaki berries.


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