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Lotus seeds

Lotus seeds ‘Lian Zi’ strengthen the digestive system and the kidneys. The seeds are also used for strengthening certain types of heart deficiency.  White lotus seeds (peeled before drying) are better quality than the red lotus seeds (unpeeled product). Soak overnight and cook with soups and warm cereals, or mix with rice.  Lotus seeds are […]

Kudzu – a nourishing & healing root starch

Kudzu root, the invasive plant of the south, really does have some great value.  In fact, its unusual ability to grow several feet in one day is testament to its strength and ability to replenish the body’s resources.  This healing, fibrous root can be used as a cooling, regenerative medicine and is common in many […]

Smooth your mood with Mimosa Flower Tea

Mimosa Tree Flower Tea ‘He Huan Hua Cha’ 6 grams Mimosa Flower ‘He Huan Hua’ (Albizzia julibrissinis) honey (to taste) Place mimosa flower in a cup and soak in boiling water.   Strain.  Add honey to taste and drink when cool. Functions: Nourish heart and fortifies the spleen Resolves depression and moves liver qi Clears the […]

Herbal Defense against MRSA infection

MRSA is a serious type of staph infection.  MRSA (pronounced ‘mer-sa’ or simply ‘m-r-s-a’) is an abbreviation for ‘methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus’.  As the name implies, this type of infection is resistant to the antibiotic Methicillin, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a ‘super-bug’.   The MRSA bacteria causes strong and painful infection in […]

Cleanse with Clay!

Certain types of clay from the earth have an astringent, pulling nature.  This cleaning ability is activated when wet clay goes through its drying process.  When used externally on the body, this means that clay can be used to draw out toxins or other foreign particles from the epidermis.   The external use of clay is […]

Herbal Medicine Tinctures – removing the alcohol

Many herbal tinctures are made using alcohol as a base.  The alcohol is used to extract and preserve the medicinal properties of herbs, but does not have to be consumed with the medicine.  If you would like to prepare an alcohol-free version of the tincture for children or patients who cannot tolerate alcohol, follow these […]

Guide for homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy – Your Remedy Will Work Best if You: Keep bottle out of direct sunlight, as this can antidote the remedy. Don’t touch the remedy with your hands ­– pour it into the cap or a paper cup. Don’t eat or drink for 10 minutes before and after taking the remedy (this includes gum and […]

Tips for Soaks & Compresses

DIRECTIONS FOR USING ‘SPRINGWIND’ HERBAL SOAKS & COMPRESSES As Steam Soak: Place herb pack in 4 cups water & bring to a boil.  Lower heat & simmer for 25 mins.  Immediately place herb pack in appropriate basin & hold affected limb over the steaming liquid, drape towel over the limb to keep in steam.  When […]

Soothing Eye Compress

Certain herbs can be used to make a soothing eye compress.  Which herbs are best for you depends on the condition.  Some herbs are used to tighten the skin around the eyes, reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles.  Other herbs can be effective for pink eye or conjunctivitis. As with all things medicinal, it is […]

Skin Healer – Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe is cooling, moistening and astringent.  The clear gel is used for moistening and regenerating the skin.  It has been used externally for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, 1st degree burns such as sunburns and many other dermatological conditions.  It is excellent for sunburns, and is best when applied soon after receiving […]