Lana Farson, M.S., L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Asian Grocery Store: Unlock the mysteries

There are many exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs that have tremendous healing benefits.  By getting to know them, you can increase the ways that you take care of your health.   I’ll use this list when working on blogposts, and write a little about each one in its own post, so that you can get more details about their benefits.  When you’re at the main blog page, you can use the ‘search’ box to look for any of the following to see if I’ve written about them yet.

fennel - resized

Fennel Seed

Fennel ‘xiao hui xiang’

Anise ‘da hui xiang’

Ginger ‘sheng jiang’

Tumeric  ‘jiang huang’


Galanga root

Cardamon ‘sha ren’

Albizzia Flower ‘Happy Flower’ ‘He Huan Hua’

Barley tea ‘gu ya’

Rose flowers ‘mei gui hua’

Goji berries ‘gou qi zi’

mimosa flower

Mimosa Flower

Dried yam ‘shan yao’

Red dates ‘da zao’

Reishi mushroom ‘ling zhi’

Licorice ‘gan cao’

Seaweeds ‘hai zao’

Lily bulb ‘bai he’

Pearl powder ‘zhen zhu mu’

Pu Er Tea

Shao Xing cooking wine

Dried cuttlefish – related to’sang piao xiao’

Vegetables & legumes:


Water caltrops

Shao Xing Jiu

Shao Xing Wine

Burdock root ‘niu bang gen’

Bitter melon or bitter gourd

Cassava or yuka or tapioca

Taro Root

Daikon radish

Luffah vegetable

Lotus root and seeds ‘lian zi’

Edamame soybeans

Wintermelon or winter gourd

Flax seeds ‘ya ma ren’

Walnuts ‘hu tao ren’

Goji berries ‘gou qi zi’

dried shan zha 247

Dried Hawthorn Berries

Mulberries ‘sang shen’

Sesame ‘hei zhi ma’

Hawthorn ‘shan zha’

Mung beans ‘lu dou’

Asian yam ‘shan yao’

Wood ear mushrooms ‘Bai Mu Er’ & ‘Hei Mu Er’

Aduki beans ‘chi xiao dou’

Job’s tears ‘yi yi ren’

Bamboo shoots

Spring onion ‘cong bai’

Flavored olives


Loquat fruits


Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan Fruit



Lychee fruits

Buddha’s hand ‘fou shou’

Pomegranate ‘shi liu’


  1. Great post. Thank you!

  2. PUI YEE LAW says:

    Great post, but we seldom see food name in pinyin showed on the chinese market, right? learning some chinese characters will help!!

  3. Lana Farson says:

    Maybe we could design a phone app called ‘Asian Herbal & Grocery Store Shopping for the Non-Asian’!

  4. Pui Yee Law says:

    Sounds cool!! I’m willing to help! Let me know ahead though : ) Then all my schoolmates can become a smart consumer!!

  5. Radha says:

    Haha. The problem is that the packages are all written in Chinese characters!

  6. Robi Robinson says:

    We got to try Hai Zao (seaweed) in various forms this trimester;
    cooked in Mung Dal, in Hai Zao salad and in dried strips as snacks. I looked and looked for hard seaweed candies to purchase. Unfortunately, I didn’t locate any.

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